Meowth "I don't expect to be happy all the time...
It's gotten beyond that somehow.
Wish me courage and strength and a sense of humor.
I will need them all."
-Anne Lindbergh

Meowth is obviously a Pokemon, and the third member of Team Rocket. In Japan he's called Nyaasu or Nyarth/Meowth. But he's one of the few Pokemon who can speak English. This cat Pokemon is the third wheel of the team, with Jessie and James.

And in many ways, he is the odd one out of the group.

Meowth doesn't seem to have many special powers really, besides talking (he can translate what other Pokemon are saying which proves very useful for Team Rocket), but he makes good use of his claws.

Meowth rarely battles, although occasionally he'll jump into (or be roped into) a Team Rocket Pokemon group battle... he voluntarily fought Brock's Onix (and beat it, by using buckets of water to weaken it, also known as cheating), and fought a Persian, which he beat with one slash!

Meowth's favourite of his own attacks is fury swipes. He is unable to use Pay Day, the energy required for learning that technique was used up in his learning to talk. He's also kind to others of his species, and Pokemon that can talk (or that he thinks can talk).

In some ways, Meowth is just a regular cat. He occasionally mentions being a cat. (Upon a bunch of Growlithe "Can't we steal something a little more cat friendly?" and "I hope it don't like cat food!") There's nothing he loves more than to play with a ball of yarn. It's very cute, actually. ^_^. On the other paw, he definately does NOT like water.

Meowth doesn't really get into the whole speech making deal and his main concern is to get the job done. He's probably the one who concentrates most on the mission and isn't so much into fancy poses. He can be a bit harsh on Jessie and James though.

If you're wondering why Meowth can talk, he taught himself how to in order to impress a female Meowth, and it took him a lot of hard work. He loved her, but he never caught her interest.

When Meowth was a kitten, he was mostly hungry and picked on, but after seeing a movie set in Hollywood, where cats were treated well, he went there, but found it anticlimatic - it wasn't much different, he was still hungry and alone. But a Persian and gang of Meowth took him in and they stole food together to survive. Meowth met Meowsie, the girl Meowth, but she was used to a pampered lifestyle and had no interest in a mangy alleycat like Meowth, all she cared about were the luxuries her human could provide.

So Meowth tried to act like a human to impress her, but it backfired and she was nervous of him. When Meowth later returned to Hollywood, he found that Meowsie's owner had ditched her, but the Persian and the gang had taken her in. Meowth fights Persian so he can take Meowsie with him, but Meowsie stays with Persian, thinking it's not right to leave him after he helped her out. Meowth is devastated and leaves.

He was once the fave pet of Team Rocket's boss, but the boss ditched him in favour of a Persian. He also once wanted to stay with a pretty girl who cared about him, but she also took a Persian instead of him. Needless to say, Meowth does not care for Persian... resulting from this, it is unlikely he will ever evolve.

Meowth is different from most Pokemon. As Ekans said, there's no such thing as a bad Pokemon, only a bad master, but Meowth is different. He doesn't count on a master for his actions. Yet, like all Pokemon, he's intent on trying to please the one he considers his master - the boss.

It is rather sad, really... Meowth has been rejected by his master, his own kind, other Pokemon - to an extent - and any girls he liked. He acts more like a human, so other Pokemon don't relate very well to him. Perhaps being a Rocket is his way of trying to prove himself, or to fight back...

Although Meowth has megalomaniacal tendencies and aspires to finding happiness, he recognises that his true place is with the only two people who ever cared about him, Jessie and James.

Meowth's voice sample - click here to hear what he sounds like. "Don't worry. This time we've got a secret weapon that's Meowth-proof!"

My thoughts on Meowth: I'm not sure what to think. Its/his personality is harsh. Also, I think Meowth's head is too big for its body. ^_^. But I still like Meowth, actually. I feel sorta sorry for him. He had a kind of sad past. :( He also has a voice like a gangster. I'm indifferent to it, but I think it should sound a bit more cattish. ^_^. I like Nyaasu's voice, nya.

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